Monday, November 25, 2013

20M experience Per Hour: Wow MOP ultimate power-leveling guide (Part Two)

From my last post, I haven't been here for a long time, since I am AFK from WOW for a while.
Today I gonna show you how to level your character to 90 in Mop.
20M exp Per Hour, The ultimate powerleveing method in Mists of Pandaria.
No waste of time, Just show you where and how.

Level spot: Timeless Isle

Level method: Solo mobs

Requires: level 87 or higher(no special gear needed)

Class require: Tank or AoE damage Class

Show you the picture one How quick I can get in my powerleveing.

I was Just hit Level 88 at 12.21PM

Then Look Here: Hit Level 89 at 13.49 PM (Cost 88 Mintues from 88-89)

Still Check Here: Hit Level 90 at 14.59 PM (Cost 70 Minutes from 89-90)

 Take a Look at how is the experience gain: (I don't play Us server much, so, Pardon my Language, I know you have got the point)

 22K experience Per Mobs, kill a group of Mobs at about 10 Second, a group of Mobs usually have 15 mobs or more.

And fucking damn it, all these experience is counted with No rest, No double.

OK, Let take a look at what Mobs should we try to kill:

First one, No.1 mobs you should Kill( Kill all of them while they are respawn)
There are five Spots respawn all these little Mobs, 11k Healthy, Very easy to kill all of them,

Then, No.2 Mobs you should Kill( kill to gain exp while the No.1 Mobs do not repawn)

Then, show you how should you circle your leveling.

Don't forget all kinds of Buffs in Timeless Isle, such as:
SO, that's all for today, 20M exp per Hour, Lock IGXE wow leveling guide.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Get $5 Free FFXIV Gil from IGXE, Ends 9.10th,2013

Welcome to IGXE free-giveaway-live. With FFXIV: ARR coming, an activity of free FFxiv Gil Give Away has been started by IGXE. FFXIV player, are you the lucky star with a lucky number to win the $5 FFXIV Gil Free give? Get FFXIV gil in value $5 if your last number of your order # ends as 8.
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Here is the step you should take:
Step1: full the basic information of you.
step2: submit the order information and checkout
Step3: Check the order number of yours
step4: talk to live chat once you get the lucky number ends with 8
Step5: IGXE send you the $5 ffxiv gil.

The information you should full:
    Character Name:

    1.Each FFXIV player just has one chance to pick it up;
    2.The player who can receive the free gil if his/her order number end of #8;
    3.Order number will be found once put your basic information;
    4.Up to 50 orders for giveaway each day;
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The fastest method for wow mop powerleveling, 7 mintues finish 85-90

This is insane and legal, there is a post about this somewhere in the guides section, just wanted to share, I take no credits for this.

85-90 in less than 7 minutes - YouTube

what you need is;

85-90 is 64990000 exp
The quest has a base reward of 23600 exp, +10% for guild bonus nets 25960, 
+10% again for DMF buff, totals 28320 exp per turn in.
64990000/28320 = 2295 turn ins.
Each token cost between 20 and 30g, total cost being 46-69k gold.


From the quest Replenishing the Pantry
This quest can be completed as many times as you wish.

NOTE: You will need to do all the starting quests and this quest: Preserving Freshness before you can start handing in Bundle of Groceries.

For this quest you need 1 of those:

20x Raw Tiger Steak
20x Mushan Ribs
20x Raw Turtle Meat
20x Raw Crab Meat
20x Wildfowl Breast
20x Raw Crocolisk Belly

100x Green Cabbage
100x Juicycrunch Carrot
100x Mogu Pumpkin
100x Scallions
100x Red Blossom Leek
100x Witchberries
100x Jade Squash
100x Striped Melon
100x Pink Turnip
100x White Turnip

20x Jade Lungfish
20x Giant Mantis Shrimp
20x Emperor Salmon
20x Redbelly Mandarin
20x Tiger Gourami
20x Jewel Danio
20x Reef Octopus
20x Krasarang Paddlefish

60x Golden Carp

You have to pack them to a Bundle of Groceries. You can buy empty bundles from Merchant Cheng for 1g 35s.

Accept and Turn in quest in one macro

/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1) 
/script CompleteQuest() 
/script GetQuestReward()
/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1);CompleteQuest();GetQuestReward()
Also is a gold making guide,turn your Ironpaw Tokes to 1000 year soy sauce for example and put them @ the AH. some server those items sells high (around 90g piece) heard about people who made over 300,000 gold from selling Black Pepper, Rice Flour, 1000 year soy sauce etc.

I take no credits for any of this. happy leveling guys.


Article selected from Owndecore forum, more infromation abou wow mop powerleveing, lock igxewowgold.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Gold Farming spot 4k+ gold! wow patch 5.4 gold guide

Before the best spot to farm was just killing the trogs in Deepholm, sadly this has been nerfed so it's not worth farming those mobs anymore!

my new farming spot is located in Twilight Highlands and after 1 hour of farming with Potion of Treasure finding i gained :
1.3k gold (pure loot gold/trash sold)
29xPyrium ore
12xElementium ore
8xVolatile life
10xVolatile air
27xVolatile water
14xVolatile fire
20xVolatile Earth
3xElementium lock boxes
865xEmbersilk cloth
I also looted more than 30 Green items which i vendored (If you are an enchanter there's much more gold in disenchanting and AH)

Article selected from Owndecore forum.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The reveal of warcraft patch 6.0: the monologo of sageras

  LOLLIPOPS Cinematic Screenplay Draft FMV.06X
  RE: CHAMBERLAIN J. 4-11-12
  LAST REV. 10-25-12
  //NOTE FMV Camera reference 3U-Z86F, angle shots determined marked asterisk. IF NULL ANGLE, NO CAMERA ANGLE NOTED. Reference Screenplay drawings J:/CIN%/LOLLIPOP/FMV/06/CONF/SCREENP.vis for detailed visuals.

  0:00 (Familiar Blizzard logo shines into existence then fades away)
  0:04 (Queue main cinematic theme)
  0:05 Pure shadow swirling around the screen, complete black with hints of vapor trails.
  0:05 (Valorous and powerful tenor Male voice with a hint of metallic/robot infused) "Countless worlds knew me as a defender..."
  0:08 (Shadow pulls back in a spiral pattern to reveal a tranquil hillside meadow shouldering a picturesque lake akin to Nagrand. The sun is shining brightly and a small gust blows the camera panning across the delicate scene.)
  0:15 (Camera cuts to a small village by the lake, with small hairy humanoid creatures going about their lives. Soft village-chatter fills the audio, and a quaint melody pervades in the scene.)
  0:18 (A mother-creature tending to children yells [calmly?] after a child, who has stopped at the side of the lake, ankles covered by the pure waters.)
  0:20 (Camera cuts to shoulder of child, 75* depression to surface of lake, top half of child visible in lake reflection)
  0:22 (The child looks down into its’ own reflection, and notices it is standing in shade, it looks skyward.)
  0:23 (Camera stays in focus on the reflection of the child, it drops a pebble into the water, the waves of the impact spread out and the child stands in terror as black and green clouds start to emerge around the sun in the reflection.)
  0:24 (Camera cuts to the pebble falling through the water, trailing it as it descends, bubbles speckling off the small smoothed rock as it solidly hits the lakebed muck. Pebble kicks up silt and sand underwater obscuring the camera.)
  0:27 (Camera cuts back to 50yds from the village overlooking the lake, a fourth of the scene is the village and lake, the rest is the darkening sky, slowly changing hue from a faint blue to a fel green. Small figure runs back into the village, general clamor arises.
  0:29 (Fel meteors rain from the now-green sky, some hit the mountains to the left, others impact the lake. Some hit village-buildings, while a majority of them land where the child *once* stood)
  0:32 (Male voice is back) “I was charged with the protection of all order, of the life that my brothers and sisters worked tirelessly to perfect.” (By the end of the sentence, a disturbance in the voice is noted, the very small hints of a demonic undertone emerge)
  0:34 (Infernals rise from the impact craters, camera cuts from landscape view to the rise of an infernal, its massive green rocky pillar legs stretching it up to full height of ~5m, it roars to its brethren and the attack commences)
  0:38 (Male voice) “In every corner of existence, I fought for creation”
  0:38 (Camera cuts to the sky again, clouds part for 0:40)
  0:40 (Camera follows light-meteor) (A bright beam of bronze golden light pierces through the fel clouds angling left 25* toward the village, and it impacts with a holy-sounding, graceful and light thump)
  0:43 (The holy aura fades, an a majestic bronze and blue vanir titan rises from a kneel, with an immense sword in one hand and a strong bulwark shield in the other) (VANIR.S, see ART%)
  0:45 (Camera pans behind the titan, from left to right, with many infernals moving toward the titan. Camera shot fades out)
  0:50 (Star map of a galaxy appears. Points of white and blue light shine out like marbles in sunlight. Initially, one star on the fringe of the galaxy is consumed by a green fire. [2 second delay] Bronze-gold light purges the fire from the star, but almost instantaneously two more stars get engulfed. Bronze-gold liberates every marble from the fire.) (Camera darkens out, marbles blink out one by one, end by 1:03 mark)
  0:52 (Male voice) (Voice becoming less valorous and more infernal, demonic, menacing) “My foes possessed no mercy. They slaughtered and burned all in sight. (Angry) (Coincides with last of the marbles turning gold) Why contest Order? Its power was mighty, its justice (half second delay) overwhelming…”
  1:04 (Camera opens up on scenic shot of Pantheon capitol. Not unlike the High Heavens from Diablo) (Moves in to central tower stairs, bronze figure walking up it with sword and shield on back from earlier)
  1:06 (Camera cuts to the feet of the Vanir, pounding up the marble stone with a force that was seemingly break them, but emits a clear bell/metal on gemstone sound)
  1:09 (Camera pans up to the face of the titan, very stoic, black orderly beard and medium hair length in back (CONSULT CONCPT/ART%). Ring around head with ornate Titanic scripture (DEV% TITAN LANGUAGE)
  1:11 (Vanir kneels, camera rotates around to face inside chamber. Aesir and Vanir titans situated in semi-circle around a great “throne” banister, giant lightning Aesir looks down at blue Vanir, nods).
  1:12 (Vanir remains stoic-faced, unmoving, no emotion)(Bronze-female skinned Vanir with flowers and vegetation style walks up behind giant Aesir, and smiles. Golden and silver light fill the room as the rest of the Titans turn to the blue Vanir and join in the celebration with many grins and smiles, nods, salutes and enthusiasm.)
  1:14 (Male voice) (Voice should have a definite malevolent tone to it, still have some valorous/noble)” What did they know about what lay beyond the high walls? The great shadow moved ever closer, to delay the inevitable (second pause, consult 1:16 video queue) …is chaos.”
  1:16 (Vanir turns around to face 20* off camera angle, looking to the left of the screen slightly) (Vanir titan’s face sheen loses its luster, and a small crack out of the left cheek appears. Warm ember glow emitted from crack, like fire peeking out of a crack between floorboards) (Vanir walks by camera angle out of sight)
  1:18 (Shadow mist swallows the camera, with the last bit of golden light peeking out through the center, shrinking, before cut off completely)
  1:21 (Dark mists are blown away as the Vanir walks into them, Camera ‘hits’ Vanir as he passes through it, knocking it off in front of him, fixed distance as he walks forward.)
  1:24 (Demonic screams, hisses, flame crackling, hooves clicking, slow needle on cloth ripping sound)
  1:25 (Camera pans to the left, to the right of the Vanir, shows golden glow from the door he entered in. Camera rotates to the left, shows the jail cells he is walking by. Many kinds of demons, Infernals, Imps, Felhounds, Doomlords all crackling and moaning devilishly the name ‘MINTCHIP’ . Vanir has more cracks on his face, his shoulders starting to show some cracks. Emberlight more apparent on face)
  1:29 (Vanir stops at a cell that is not emitting any kind of flame light or fel light, but masked in an eerie purple shadow.)
  1:30 (Male voice, even more malicious and demonic.) “Vanquished and imprisoned, the demons had no power, they were no threat to the ‘miracle’ (sarcasm/disgust/snarky) of life.”
  1:32 (Bright fel eyes open and pierce through the purple shadows, they move forward silently at first toward the jail wall, then the sound of hooves are heard slowly)
  1:34 (Vanir stands silently as demon approaches jail wall)
  1:35 (Horns poke out of the purple mist, then the eyes flare up in green fire. The face of the now revealed Dreadlord is revealed, then the entire figure. It stands the exact height of the Vanir. It stares intently into the eyes of the Vanir, the flames twisting around in the iris)
  1:39 (Male voice) What was life worth? Countless eons of battle, for what? The shadow moved ever closer…and all creation would perish ultimately. Chaos persists.
  1:43 (Camera backs off from jail cell, to include both the Titan and the Dreadlord) (Huge cracks start to appear all over Vanir, flames burst from the fissures, the ends of the braids of the Vanir’s hair catches fire, and the golden glow deserts the Vanir, to be replaced with a red-orange glow.)
  1:46 (Camera pans and revolves up to Vanir’s face, showing the transformation. Reflection in the eyes show a giant bronze-red fist smashing into the jail cell. Dreadlord rises up in felflame and purple might)( More sounds of gem-like metal twisting and crunching, and the delighted chaotic screams and hollers of the demons fill the room.) (Camera cuts)
  1:54 (Camera cuts to landscape view of Titan capitol, from the very rim of the city, a giant green explosion rips apart the roof and left side of a massive tower, black, red, orange, green and purple shadows and streaks bursts out and fly/flood over the city and cut out the camera.)
  (LOLLIPOP theme cuts in)
  2:00 (Male, completely demonic now. Absolutely and ultimately evil voice. Fire and metal. Flaming brimstone, crackling coal, hiss of hot metal bathed in cold water) “My legion washed over creation, order fell before chaos on every world that the Titans touched.”
  2:00 (Galactic view again) (Bronze-golden light marbles start falling fast before the felflame (red and green), extremely fast. Camera zooms in to one bronze-golden marble, fades out)
  2:07 (Camera fades in on beautiful arcane/magical utopian city) (Argus pre-corruption, Eredar in Draenei original natural forms in city in the billions.) (Prophet, Deciever, Defiler pre-contact talking. Image of Vanir-pre corruption appears in the middle of them. Hand motions, Deciever and Defiler nodding and entrapped, entranced. Prophet senses something is wrong, starts to get up to leave.)
  2:14 (Camera pans through Prophet’s head and rotates with it, enters out again and camera is looking out of capitol building over the metropolis. It has transformed into a hellish city in flames and fel green hues and black towers.
  2:19 (Giant red eredari mages working great fel magics all over the city, demons pouring in and out of portals. Prophet turns around to look at Deciever and Defiler. They are fully corrupted, Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde images like in-game, both grin, Vanir now completely corrupted and laughing deep and malevolently. Prophet shuts eyes and covers ears to wake up. )
  2:29 (Prophet opens eyes, and he’s back to pre-corruption, valorous and stoic Vanir still there in center of all 3. Prophet runs out, and the Deciever and Defiler look unhappy,they are looking at the Titan image as he starts to transform into true form. Camera stays at capitol building doorway, revolves around to show Prophet running away from purple Temple as arcane glow from building fades and a deep hellish red erupts behind the camera and slowly takes over the screen. Demonic laughing.) (Camera fade)
  2:34 (Male voice, pure demonic) “Some tried to run. Only a few made it. Light is easy to extinguish…”
  2:35 (Camera fade in to view from atop high mountain still on Argus. Naaru and Tempest-Keep like ships landed on top of mountain. Prophet appears out of massive refugee crowd, and looks up at Naaru Leader (A’dal?)
  2:39 (Prophet turns around and looks out over landscape and sees mass terror and destruction. Camera remains fixed on destruction as MINTCHIP appears out of the center building and unleashes a great fel blast toward the ships, one ship takes the full blasts and plummets to the ground and explodes.) (Camera cut)
  2:46 (Camera cuts to just behind the MINTCHIP’s left side) (The rest of the ships take off fairly quickly and speed out into space.) (Camera fades out on MINTCHIPs’s visage)
  2:48 (MINTCHIP voice) “…but now only one beacon of light survives, (2:51) A stubborn world that dared to defy MINTCHIP, Lord of the LOLLIPOPS.”
  2:51 (Camera fades onto MINTCHIP sitting on an infernal throne in the ruined Argus capitol building, infernal and fel themes everywhere, demons surrounding him. MINTCHIP is holding a large golden orb in his hand (AZEROTH), looking at it greedily. Many symbols appear around it, Alliance, Horde, and Naaru the brightest and largest.
  2:54 (MINTCHIP deep, slow laugh)
  2:55 Camera approaches Azeroth-orb, fel and red meteors rain down to it.
  2:57 WORLD OF WARCRAFT: 6.0 logo slams in onto picture, throwing everything else but the Azeroth-orb away. Orb assumes typical planet at center of logo title.
  3:04 TITLE fades out.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where to farm Kor'kron supplies?

The official patch of 5.3 has announced that in the world event of BATTLEFIELD: BARRENS you can collect Kor'kron supplies through various ways (killing elites, escorting caravans, looting crates, attacking Kor'kron camps) to purchase vanity items and armor like  Xan'tish's Flute.

All spots need AoE damage and self healing.I`ve farmed these spots with DK and balance Druid .Each spot maximum 15 minutes of farm Reposted! Hope it helps you all people.

(10% discount for all game gold in IGXE:    IGXEDPLH9716   Web site:

Get Fast Kor'kron stoneThere are fast respawning flameworgs and earthshaker.

Get fast Kor'kron Meat: Gather all the Kor'kron meat rack and farm the wolves.All has fast respawn time

Get fast Kor'kron Lumber now. There are laborers that respawn fast and coming your way.just stay still.There are 4 to 12 orcs.Respawn time is very fast.

Get Fast Kor'kron Oil now. There are 3 packs of goblins(in each pack there are 4 goblins)+ 3 demolishers.
Demolishers have respawn time about 2minutes.Golbins have fast respawn time 

Good Luck

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Level Guild in the fastest way:5 Mil/Hour

Everyone knows that the first few levels of a new toon go extremely fast so why not use that to gain guild experience? I only tried this in the alliance human starting zone and i was able to do the first 8 quests in 5 mins:

Beating them back - Kill 6 Blackrock Battle Worgs
Lions for lambs - Kill 8 Blackrock Spies
'Class' Letter - Bring the letter to your classtrainer
'Class Skill' - Use your new skill 5 times on a dummy
Join the battle - Report to Sergeant Willem
They Sent assassins - Kill 8 Goblin Assassins
Fear no evil - Revive 4 Injured Stormwind Soldiers
The rear is clear - Report to Marshall McBride

Half of them is just walking a few meters and deliver. It doesn't seem to be worthwhile to continue after that for pure guild experience because you need to walk alot more. After you completed those quests, logout and delete + create the same character. Rinse repeat.

Extra Info:
Priest and or Warlock seems to be the fastest and grouping up with more speeds up the proces by alot since all quests are killing quests.

I'm not familier in the botting/automating process but would that maybe also be possible? To automate the creating/guildinviting of your chars so you could bot that all day long? Because if that's possible your looking at a 480.000 per 5/6 mins = 5.5 mil per hour = 130 million a day.